Ultras is groups sports teams' fans known by their love, belonging and loyalty to their sports teams, especially the football teams, which are considered the most popular sport in the world.

The Ultras is considered as the 12th player in the game of football, by virtue of their ability to influence the course of the matches, and their follow-up to the teams wherever they go, and their constant encouragement throughout the game, and their continous presence in with no boredom, where the team is sacred thing and it brings them together under the link of love and emotion.

Ultras has established principles and strict laws that follow all the world's umbrella groups,

Which enables them to live a life in a special world in a world of ideas, principles and peculiarities that is adopted by the member of the hierarchy. And combines a strong sense of their need for each other to be a separate and independent entity dedicated to the love of the team and formed a broad public and a unified public voice to encourage the team and sometimes to address the general issues through messages in the stadiums, and we will discuss this in another subject in this blog to explain the principles and ideas of The Ultras.

The first appearance of the Ultras group was in the Latin American in Brazil in 1940, and then the phenomenon moved to Eastern Europe, specifically Yugoslavia, Croatia first and then the rest of the continent until it spread all over the world, Until it became a string entity, since it holds a mass of strong audience and it goes beyond the sports field where The ultras was a reason to change and overthrow several systems in the world because it is saturated with the spirit of revolution and for the sake of honor and the fight against corruption and became the antagonist, fearful of all regimes and governments. Which created a continous fight between them to destroy and eliminate the Ultras, and this is what we see now largely and clearly in North African countries.

The Ultras performs its activities by supporting its teams in matches and sending their messages through artboards displayed in the stadiums carrying a guaranteed, clear and sometimes ambiguous message that calls for concentration. In the same way, messages and opinions are reached in another area that is of interest to the general public other than sport if its necessary since the Ultras has no Private direction, without political affiliations.

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